Life of Karen

My JuicePlus Story

What is my JuicePlus story?

Our stories, the narratives of our lives are constantly changing and evolving.  If you had asked me 30+ years ago, my story would be:  student and first responder.  I was in nursing school and ran on the rescue squad.  I was active in my faith.  I explored the world around me, as college students are want to do.  I was building my own opinions about life, separate from my parents and family. Twenty years ago, my story was mother and wife.  I was still active in my faith, but learning more about other religions.  My life was about my children and how and what I could teach them.  Ten years ago, my story was about mother and nurse.  My children were growing and beginning to pull away from me a little bit in newfound independence.  My passion in nursing had changed from adults to infants and I was being drawn more into “Nursing is more than a job”.  Today, my story is the beginning of the empty nest.  My children are now young adults and beginning to find their own way.  My passion in NICU nursing has continued to bloom. I am looking forward to experiencing all that life has to offer.

Throughout all these stories, there have been woven many threads.  The thread of my faith runs golden throughout this tapestry that has become my story.  My children are bright threads that bring color.  My time as a wife lent beautiful patterns.  One of the threads woven into this tapestry of mine has been has been my health.  My health journey, my health thread as brought light and dark, patterns and solids into the tapestry.

As a child, and young adult, I was quite athletic.  I remember hiking and camping as a child.  My father taught us to shoot (guns and bows).  I rode horses, excelled in scouts, and swam competitively.  I also struggled with my weight.  I think that the first “diet” I was on was in elementary school, and it was doctor driven.  As I settled in my career and my marriage, activity wasn’t as important. I struggled more with my weight. In adulthood, I continued to gain weight, but thought it was OK since I was able to “do” what I thought that I wanted.

From college age to now, if you name the diet, I was probably on it.  All helped me lose weight.  All let the weight back on when I was no longer dieting.  In the process, I was learning about how to eat healthy.  I learned quickly that healthy eating, fueling my body with good healthy foods made me feel better.  I was more active when my weight was lower.

Just less than two years ago I made a huge decision in my weight loss journey that will have impacts over the rest of my life.  I had gastric bypass surgery.  Due to the surgery, I will now have malabsorption issues for the rest of my life. I took this very seriously.  I began to do my research and learn what I would need to do to stay healthy.  It wouldn’t help to lose the weight if I just trade obesity for a wealth of other health issues.  I learned that my newfound zest for life and all it has to offer isn’t just about the weight loss, it is about what I am using to fuel my body.  I am learning to fuel my body with good, healthy foods. That doesn’t mean that I don’t indulge once in a while, but I reign it back in very quickly.

Two years ago, I began working with a trainer to tone this new body I was developing.  She introduced me to JuicePlus.  At first, I didn’t want to add “another supplement”.  I was following the doctors recommendations. But, I looked at the website.  I read the literature and the research.  I began to realize the JuicePlus isn’t just another supplement.  It is pure fruits and vegetables to help fill in the gap of the good healthy foods that I was missing in my diet.  I started taking the Duo (garden and orchard blends).  Quickly, my doctor and I realized that I wasn’t taking the full recommended amounts of supplements, but my blood work was perfect.  Almost two years out from surgery, I am still taking less than the recommended supplements and my blood work remains perfect!  Most of all, my body craves good, healthy food! I crave KALE!  I never even liked kale before taking JuicePlus.  Because my body is being fed the fuels it can use, I can push my body to do things that I never imaged.  I am more active, and I want to be more active!  I am back to hiking, camping, horseback riding, and planning even more!  I am so grateful to be living the life that God meant for me to live!  I cant wait to see how this change will develop in the tapestry of my life – the colors and patterns it will build.

Because I have seen the value of JuicePlus in my life, I took the next step and have decided to be a JuicePlus representative.  I want to be able to help those around me.  I want to provide encouragement and hope for those who need it.  I want to share what I have learned so that we can all make one simple change for a healthier life.