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Day 6: Ewich House and Life Lesson #3

11 miles, maybe 12… Nike watch wasn’t working….

Do you know the saying (life lesson #3), “What goes up must come down”? Pretty simple to understand, isn’t it. If you throw a ball up in the air, it is going to come down again. If you roll a stone up a hill, it will roll back down. Well, if there is one thing that I have learned on this hike, it is a paradox of this saying: What goes down, must go back up – and the up is usually twice as long as the down.

Leaving Inverarnan, I knew that we would have some pretty steady uphill climbing most of the day – and it was. However, my legs felt stonger today, and although I still had to go slowly and stop to rest on the steeper climbs, I was able to handle the more gradual hills a bit better.

L3 and F3 enjoying the view.

L3 and F3 enjoying the view.

What made the way difficult today was how rocky the trail was. You constantly had to be on guard for where you put your feet so that you wouldn’t trip or turn and ankle. In many areas it was also wet and muddy. Sometimes it was so wet and muddy and rocky that it seemed as if we were walking in a stream bed! Sometimes I think we actually were!image

About 7 miles along the trail we stopped for a geocache (bushwacking through the woods to find it) and then detoured into Crianlarich to have lunch. Half of us ate at the pub, while the other half of the group found a bench on a corner to eat what we had packed. Most of the lunches that we pack and carry comprise of things found at a local grocery, and some of the places we stop will make sandwiches for us the morning we leave. Now the detour into Crianlarich was all down hill – and that meant we had to hike back up the hill to where we had left the path. The thing is, that when we got back on the WHW, we still had to keep going uphill! See what I mean about going up being twice as long as going down?

imageAfter a few steep climbs, and some steep descents we made it to our turn off to the B&B for the night. It was approximately 1/2 mile off the WHW. When we got there, we found out that the closest place to eat that night was back in Crianlarich, 2 1/2 miles down the road! My question is: if it is only 2 1/2 miles down the road, why did we hike 4 miles to get here? That is the fun of the trip, I guess! We have opted to call a taxi to take us to dinner. I am sure we will have some more great pub food…. fish and chip, or haggis, or steak and ale pie…. what will be my choice tonight?

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Ewich House and Life Lesson #3

  1. Sondra Weitzel

    Again, more spectacular pictures. Are you liking the new camera or does it get heavy and cumbersome? Have some fish and chips for me…but, I’ll skip the haggis!

    1. kmlynne Post author

      I am loving the camera! I just have it hanging around my neck on its strap. If I do another walk, I will have to get a harness for it as it does get heavy by the end of the day!

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