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Back to Roma

This morning, we said good-bye to Stefania and Uncle Mike and their beautiful home in the Umbrian countryside to head back to Rome. Before the drive, Sondra and I took one last walk around Casa Petra to get one more set of pictures of their home and the surrounding views. Yesterday, Sondra was able to get some video of our drives through the winding roads going through Narni and up the steep driveway to Casa Petra. Today, we both took some video of the panoramic views from Casa Petra. We both realized that pictures just can’t capture the full magnificence of it all! After good-byes, hugs and pictures all around, we headed off to drop the car off at the airport in Rome, then headed back to Aramanto Romano B&B. We dropped off our bags and headed to the George Byron Cafe on the corner for lunch. It almost felt like coming home! We were especially glad to see that “our” table was unoccupied! After lunch, Sondra and I left the guys at the B&B napping and we headed to the Monumento a Vittorio Emmanuele II. We also wandered around the Foro di Augusto to marvel at some of the most ancient ruins in Rome. We took our time, and also enjoyed a gelato while sitting on the benches and watching the people go by in the Foro Traiano. Heading back to the B&B, we had an opportunity to rest for just a little bit before we headed back to the George Byron Cafe for pre-dinner drinks, then went back to our favorite restaurant at the Hotel Quirnale. We completely enjoyed ourselves! The table captain recognized us from two weeks ago and welcomed us back. You have to know that you are a frequent customer when you receive an amuse-bouche (taste from the chef) before the meal, and then champagne to end it! It is hard to believe that our trip is coming to an end. John is leaving tomorrow after breakfast, and Randy, Sondra and I will have one more day to explore a little bit of Rome.

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  1. dianne

    It is always over too quickly, but then you have the memories to dwell back on. Anne and I have been dwelling on memories from 68 years ago!! Their visit too is almost over. Took them kayaking through the mangroves today. Only 3 days left then they leave on Monday. Will call you after that for long chat! Love to all. Mom

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