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Perugia: Eurochocolate 2012

This morning, we headed off to Perugia to see the capital city.  After many twists and turns, we found a parking area and headed off to find the Duomo.  We walked through the Arch of Augustus.  This is a 3rd century arch of Etruscan origin that was later modified by the Romans.  From there, we walked up the very step Via U Rocchi which was very closed in with the buildings on either side and a few shops to stop in.  This street brought us to the Piazza IV Novembre on the side of the Duomo.  I have to admit that after so many of the beautiful churches we have seen, this one was very plain.  One of the things that I found very interesting was the Etruscan well.  From street level, you could see the furrows left by the ropes that the Etruscans used to pull the buckets of water to the surface.  I also went to the basement of Palazzo Bourbon-Sorbello to be able to walk down a flight of steps that took me to a platform inside the well.  You could look up and see daylight and look down to see that water at the bottom of the well.  Very cool!

The biggest draw of this town is the Eurochocolate festival – streets upon street of vendors of different types of European chocolate.  I had a few tastes, bought a few pieces of chocolate, and just flat out enjoyed myself.  The best thing that I had to try was Nutella Calde – a Hot Nutella drink. Yum Yum!  We wound our way back to the car and traveled back down the highway back to Casa Petra to enjoy our last sunset here.  Pizza for dinner tonight!

One thought on “Perugia: Eurochocolate 2012

  1. dianne

    OMG Chocolate!!! would have loved to have been there to sample but would probably have overdosed!! Am at present eating M&Ms as I do a few chores around the house. Dad, Anne and Mike have gone out in a fishing boat and I opted out of that – you know how I hate fishing boats! So I am doing some laundry. cooking ribs for dinner and catching up on he mail, bill paying and stuff. Look forward to talking to you. Enjoy! Love, mom

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